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The Wheels on the Bus Grind to a Halt

Wednesday 18th March, 2020

After tabling a petition in Parliament calling for more bus services between Woodford and Caboolture, Member for Glass House Andrew Powell has received a disappointing response from the Transport Minister.

“A few weeks ago, in Parliament, I tabled the petition signed by Glass House residents calling on the current four service per day bus arrangement to be increased to six or eight daily services” said Mr Powell.

The petition came after many locals had approached the MP requesting more bus services.  The existing services simply do not offer enough opportunity and actually discourage locals from using them.

For towns like Woodford, D’Aguilar and Wamuran, with no rail line, buses are the only available form of public transport.

“Well, the Minister has now come back with an official response and let’s just say it’s disappointing. In fact, it’s almost like he didn’t read the petition.”

“He’s refusing to put on more services because the current ones only have an average of eleven passenger boarding each trip.  But as I’ve explained previously, this isn’t because people aren’t interested in or needing public transport, it’s because the current timetable is so inflexible!”

“Not only has he knocked back additional services, he’s also indicated that despite the petition, he has no plans to even consider further services in the future. That’s really unacceptable.”

“At the end of the day it comes down to this – these towns are being treated like they’re regional when they’re not. They’re, at most, thirty minutes away from the Caboolture town centre and have populations to justify and support better, more frequent public transport.”

“Just because buses for our area aren’t a priority for the Minister, doesn’t mean they aren’t to me.”

“I pledge to keep trying to get through to him so that Woodford, Delaneys Creek, D’Aguilar, Wamuran and Caboolture can get better public transport services,” Mr Powell concluded.

Ends 18 March 2020                                


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