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LNP to light up Mooloolah State School

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Member for Glass House Andrew Powell was recently joined by Deputy LNP Leader Tim Mander to announce that an LNP State Government will commit to installing flashing school zone lights at Mooloolah State School.

“If you have kids or grandkids attending school in Mooloolah then you’ve probably noticed the absence of flashing school zone lights,” said Mr Powell.

“Flashing lights are the gold standard of pedestrian safety around schools and the LNP believes our kids have a right to feel as safe as possible at school.”

The Mooloolah State School community have been calling for these lights to be installed for years now but increasingly so with the development of new residential estates along King Road.

“The current government has ignored the community’s pleas.”

“In contrast, the LNP will make the lights a priority.  They will be delivered if the LNP take Government at the 31 October election.”

The LNP commenced the flashing school light program when last in government and Mooloolah State School is one of the last schools in the Glass House electorate to receive the lights.

Andrew has recently had success in lobbying for flashing lights to be installed at Glasshouse Mountains and Peachester State Schools with both being installed over the past year.

“It was truly great to see the hard work pay off with these lights installed at Glasshouse and Peachester.  Mooloolah deserves the same and the LNP will deliver it,” concluded Mr Powell.

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Keeping the community updated