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Good News on Borders, But it Doesn’t Go Far Enough!

Monday, 18 October 2021

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell, has today welcomed the Premier’s COVID Vaccination Plan as a good start. 

“We have been actively pressing the Government for a definite set of dates, so that Queenslanders have a sense of hope that they will be able to unite with their friends and their families to celebrate the Christmas season.  This goes a long way to developing this hope”, says Andrew Powell.

“The new plan features two key dates:  19 November and 17 December, and is dependent upon Queenslanders achieving double vaccination rates of 70% and 80% respectively.

It should be noted that the relaxation announced for the expected date of 19 November does not address the people who are sitting in their caravans or bunking with relatives south of the border, as this milestone only permits arrival by air.  It is not until 17 December that the roads will open to those weary travellers.”

All people who will take advantage of the relaxation of the borders must:

            •           Be fully vaccinated

•           Have a negative COVID test in previous 72 hours.

All the people arriving on the earlier of the two dates must undertake home quarantine for 14 days.  Those who arrive on or after the later of the two dates are not required to quarantine.

There are no changes to the requirements for international travellers until the 17th of December, when they can do their quarantine at home, provided we have achieved the 80% vaccination rate.

“I am relieved by this announcement,” says Andrew Powell.  “Now if they could just fast-track some air travellers who are languishing in rental facilities around NSW and Victoria and who want to be reunited with their new homes, their families and their belongings, I would be much happier.  Some of these people have had their border pass applications open for 30 to 40 days and are developing signs of hopelessness and depression.  For them, Christmas is too far away.”

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Keeping the community updated