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Every nine years, or sooner if population changes demand it, the Electoral Commission of Queensland undertakes a review of Queensland’s electoral boundaries.

The most recent review concluded in June 2017 and as a result there have been a number of changes that impact on the electorate of Glass House.

New Glass House Electorate

QLD Electorate from 2017

Please review the attached maps for more detail but in summary the electorate loses the locations of Palmwoods, Chevallum, Ilkley and Caboolture and gains the locations of Mooloolah Valley, Upper Caboolture, Rocksberg, Moorina and Ocean View. These changes took effect at the October 2017 State Election.

Old Glass House Electorate

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A turning lane into EATON LANE STONY CREEK. Complained on many occasions but told not enough incidents. The position is almost at the crest of a hill. Nearly all turnoff rds from Woodford have a turning lane

2024-01-30 09:13:56

The proposal to grow the quarry is a real issue. There is not a single local that wants to see this happen! The deterioration of our local roads due to high volumes of trucks, the noise, the dust. But most of all the total destruction of our Mountains! It is disgraceful that this has been allowed for as long as it has. To let it expand would be fatal for our local environment.

2024-01-19 20:51:28

I’d like to express my frustration with the ongoing Stamp Duty that is applied to the insurance policies of our private assets. With the exponential rise in house/car insurance the Stamp Duty is a well overdue revenue to be revised. With the upcoming state election it’s an opportune time for Stamp Duty being abolished or at best capped considering it’s a percentile revenue and we pay a GST which is shared to State Governments. It certainly would be more affordable and may keep more of the population insured which is the optimal outcome .

2024-01-19 04:14:49

The proposed stage 4 highway and all the issues which come with it. Displacement of much loved families with compulsory purchase, people who bought or built dream home now stuck facing a highway and the destruction of a beautiful community for the sake of “progress”. The development corridor proposal for Elimbah and the high density homes for Elimbah (and I believe Beerwah too) will destroy everything which is good and safe about these 2 communities. Moreton region are unable to create safe communities at present (if you doubt this ask a teenage girl to walk through Caboolture after dark) and the increased homes and traffic will just rob our community of a place of safety. Thank you for caring.

2024-01-03 22:24:54