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Andrew is committed to the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay regions because, let’s face it, it’s the best place in Queensland to live and work. And Andrew is determined, with your help, to keep it that way. It’s why he lives here, in Palmwoods, with his wife Taryn and their five children and why he’s worked hard over the past eleven years as your member of parliament delivering for our amazing communities.

Andrew was born in Melbourne and spent his childhood moving between Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney until his family finally settled in Burpengary. He completed secondary school at Redcliffe and gained degrees in Science and Arts at the University of Queensland.

He kicked off his career with the Defence Department in Canberra and, after a short time working overseas, returned to Queensland where he worked for the Department of the Premier and Cabinet and the Department of Child Safety. An increasing frustration with how our taxes were being spent, how government policy was being developed and delivered, and a sense that the Glass House electorate was missing out drove him to have a go at politics.

Andrew has had some fantastic roles since including a term as Minister for Environment, Shadow Minister for Transport, Main Roads and Local Government and Shadow Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning, but nothing beats being the Member for Glass House. Together with the community Andrew has delivered improvements such as:

  • a new overtaking lane and safety improvements on the D’Aguilar Highway;
  • new traffic lights at Reed Street and Steve Irwin Way, Glasshouse Mountains;
  • a new concrete bridge over the Mary River at Conondale;
  • increased financial support for local schools, sporting and community groups;
  • the installation of flashing school zone safety lights at almost all local schools; and
  • improved local frontline services including a new police station at Maleny, additional police on the beat in Woodford, Palmwoods and Maleny and reductions in dental and surgery waiting lists.
  • secured funding to upgrade Maleny-Kenilworth Road at Cambroon
  • delivered another overtaking lane on the D’Aguilar Highway at Woodford
  • signalised intersection at Beerwah State School – to commence soon
  • a pedestrian crossing in the main street of Woodford

But the job’s not done and Andrew’s as keen as ever to keep on delivering for our communities in the great Glass House electorate.

Being a member of Parliament is an extraordinary privilege. I have never forgotten that, I never take it for granted and will continue to serve you to the best of my ability.

What does Glass House need next? Have your say below!

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Agree that roads need attention with so many proposed developments which will lead to a greater population in Glasshouse electorate. However, medical attention is required for all Qld Health campuses. I am going through a high risk cancer treatment and the wait times at hospitals is staggering, this will impact everyone with treatment. Gold standard or priority 1 treatment is meant to occur qithin 30 days according to Qld Health, however it's taking up to 42 days. This delay is compounding for all patients, thus level 2

2024-02-05 10:11:01

I would like to see more walk/bike ways for safer conditions. Also I would like some fitness activities in the parks or greenzones in D'AGUILAR.

2024-02-03 23:43:23

EASIER TRAIN ACCESS onto and off the train if you drive a large Scooter ie a section of the platform needs to be risien like they did at Morayfield station ASAP PLEASE thanks Marie

2024-02-03 02:37:58

The whole state needs this asap. So let's start with Glasshouse pushing for this!! Underground power lines also telecommunications to prevent powerline damage causing electrical outages for during storms. I'm sure all voters would be interested to see this happen . Thank you

2024-02-03 02:28:47

Regrading intersection of Raaen Rd, Mcloed lane and D'Aguilar Hwy I see a new development application for McLeod lane and I am concerned that the problem area of entry and exit onto Dag hwy would be even worse if the intersection is not considered for upgrading prior to development.

2024-02-02 21:40:14

infrastructure update

2024-02-02 10:39:16

Bowen Road and Crittenden Road need to be ‘local traffic only’. These roads are used by rat runners avoiding traffic problems on M1 - they are both narrow roads with no markings or run offs, both are totally lined with houses and driveways.

2024-02-01 11:48:14

Either put the overtaking lanes back between Wamuran and Beerburrum Road exit or add extra lanes. Absolute joke when over half the population do 10 to 20ks under the whole way.

2024-02-01 08:05:22

We don’t need the Hanson expansion. It will destroy our beautiful area on so many levels.

2024-02-01 04:21:12

Leave some forest corridors for our native animals, meeting with wild life carers where to make the conservation corridors should be.

2024-02-01 02:59:11

A road from Peachester to Woodford that has lanes open in both directions. The landslide from over a year ago needs to be prioritised.

2024-01-18 01:33:26

Updates about the heavy train line from Beerwah to Maroochydore n its projected positive effects.

2024-01-09 21:35:23

Steve Irwin Way needs upgrading with a bike/walking path through to Landsborough and beyond. School children ride on that road and it is dangerous. They have no other choice to get to school! It has become a busy thoroughfare especially in peak season when something has happened on the highway. All of this needs to be taken into consideration for a growing population and the amount of lanes need to be forward planned with construction of which parts flood.

2024-01-02 23:16:19

1. Steve Irwin Way. Why put all this work into a realignment for the rail without duplicating the road at the same time. Two lanes each way is desperately needed here, especially with the rise in the number of trucks that are using this road regularly. 2. Roy's Road has already broken down due to overuse. Overuse because once again, single lane where two lanes each way is required. Think of all the future traffic from the East Beerwah planned developments as well. 3. Bike/pedestrian pathways are severely lacking in this area. Landborough, beerwah, glasshouse and peachester need a well designed and safe path that connects not only the townships, but also connecting the different parts of Glass House National Parka. In addition a footpath that connects Beerwah to Baringa is also needed. The hinterland is often ignored and this is clear with our pothole filled streets, but we are also one of the main images of Sunshine coasts tourism with the mountains and the zoo - we need the infrastructure to show that we are respected just as much as the beach towns.

2024-01-01 12:07:19

Funding for upgraded club facilities for Maleny Rangers Football Club

2023-12-30 00:40:16

We need more direct public transport to our health infrastructure. It's not right that you have to change buses at USC, Mooloolaba or Caloundra when coming from Landsborough...

2023-12-27 10:46:11

It would be great to have indoor showers and changeroom upgrades at the Conondale Pool.

2023-12-23 20:14:32

Funding for upgraded club facilities for both Maleny Rangers Football Club

2023-12-12 09:43:12

The township needs a basketball court, street lights along Fullerton road to Ngungun and a bike path between Glass House and Beerwah.

2023-12-12 05:12:07

We need to redirect trucks around our lovely little town. They are taking over!

2023-12-11 12:27:44

We need strong protections for nature, including a review of the native forest practice code that protects remnant forests from logging.

2023-12-11 09:00:27