D’Aguilar Locals Green-light Intersection Poll

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell, is pleased to share the results from his online poll regarding the intersection of the D’Aguilar Highway and Mount Mee Road.

“Earlier in the month I ran a poll asking locals what they would like to see done, if anything, to improve the intersection of the D’Aguilar Highway and Mount Mee Road,” said Mr Powell.

Voters could choose whether they would like to have traffic lights installed at the intersection, build a roundabout, change nothing or another unspecified option – ‘other’.

“After 407 votes the results are clear. 50% of road users voting in the poll want traffic lights. The second most popular option was to build a roundabout at 30%. So it’s very obvious that the vast majority of locals – 80% to be exact – want the intersection to be made safer.”

The poll came after Mr Powell helped locals run a petition to the Government last year to upgrade the busy intersection.

“Just in case the number of signatures on the petition, almost 1,000, wasn’t enough proof for the Transport and Main Roads Minister, the poll proves once and for all that people want the intersection upgraded.”

“Unfortunately, the Ministers response to the petition missed the mark.”

The Minister says that – based on crash data – the intersection is ‘not a current priority for upgrade.’

“I don’t believe crash data is the most effective way to measure the dangers of an intersection. Not all crashes are reported or involve the police, so how accurate really is the Ministers crash data? And do we really need to wait for someone to die before something is done!”

“I’ve heard Mount Mee, D’Aguilar and Woodford locals loud and clear. You want the intersection changed and I’m committed to fighting for you to make that happen,” concluded Mr Powell.