Mount Mee Road: Unroadworthy and Untrustworthy

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell, has expressed significant concern that Mount Mee Road has been voted by the RACQ as Queensland’s fourth worst road.

More than 1,500 nominations were received from drivers in response to the RACQ’s survey, which asked drivers to pinpoint problem stretches of road in their community.

“It’s scary but not unsurprising to see that the RACQ have confirmed what Mount Mee and Ocean View locals have been telling me for years: Mount Mee Road is unroadworthy,” said Mr Powell.

“It’s in a terrible state of disrepair for such a beautiful tourist route. It’s the locals who complain to me about it, but it’s also used by visitors to the region travelling to vineyards, weddings, accommodation and more.”

Mr Powell has previously petitioned the Main Roads Minister to fix the uneven surfaces of the road by commencing planning work and allocating annual funding. The request was denied.

“The worst stretch of Mount Mee Road is between Ocean View and Dayboro Road. There is a real need for upgrades here given the history of accidents.”

“The community is also growing, and the road is no longer sufficient for the daily traffic it receives.”

Comments about the road received by RACQ Members included:

  • Refilled potholes don’t last longer than a week;
  • Shoulder damage is known to wreck tyres;
  • It isn’t fit for the amount of cyclist and motorbike traffic it’s receiving;
  • Corrugated bitumen affects steering and traction;
  • Too many blind spots; and
  • Lack of overtaking spots

“It’s so disappointing that petitions to the Main Roads Minister to fix the road have fallen on deaf ears. What will it take to get him to listen? Hopefully we don’t have to wait for Mount Mee Road to top the list of unroadworthy roads for action to be taken,” concluded Mr Powell.