EXPOSED: Palaszczuk Government’s Staggering $3 Billion Waste

The Palaszczuk Government’s extraordinary incompetence has been exposed with Estimates revealing an extra $3 billion of taxpayers’ money has been wasted.

This proves this third-term Labor government is losing control of spending in Queensland.

This money could have built two hospitals and employed thousands of nurses and doctors in the middle of a health crisis.

It is clear the Palaszczuk Government consistently chooses politics and secrecy over people and transparency.

The list compiled from just the last two weeks is extraordinary:

  •  Wellcamp cost Queenslanders at least $220 million
  •  A $2 million advertising strategy produced 2 tradies
  •   Millions of dollars allocated to a Koala Lab was put into a new rollercoaster
  •   Taxpayer money is being used to stop a report about Jackie Trad from being made public
  •   30 complaints have been made to the CCC regarding the QBCC
  •   Government never told energy retailers to provide power bill rebate
  •   Cross River Rail has blown out to $8 billion
  •   Energy sector’s IT upgrade has blown out by $186 million
  •   Ambulance ramping has hit a new level at 45%
  •   Ambulance bypass is back
  •   They scrap targets to cover up woeful performance
  •   Satellite Hospitals are delayed and over budget
  •   They have failed to deliver on the promise to employ 6,000 teachers
  •   Police numbers have failed to keep pace with population growth
  •   It will take 25 years to deliver on the social housing promise
  •   Almost $1 million was spent on the Caloundra Youth Jail before the project was cancelled
  •   Government trying to recoup $4 million of small business grants made in error

Queenslanders deserve so much better than this.